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Wildlife Safari Trip 2017

Trip Summary: On July 29th 2017, I, Allan Njamakuya (Founder/Owner), organized and guided a group of 10 people from the U.S.A on an 11-day safari. We stayed in a luxury camp site for 6 days and visited 4 different National Parks in Tanzania. They included: Arusha National Park, Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti National Park.

The first night our clients stayed at Ilboru Safari Lodge, and the next morning after breakfast, we drove our clients to Arusha National Park for a day trip safari. We saw many wild animals including: elephants, zebras, giraffes, baboons, Dik-Diks and waterbacks. We also spotted exotic birds species such as both greater and lesser flamingos, fish eagles, marabou storks, weavers and black smith plovers.

Trip summary continued below.

Preparing for the Safari
Clients preparing for Safari Trip
Lion Pride in Tanzania
Lion Pride in Tanzania
Hippos on safari
Hippos spotted during wildlife safari
Massai Tribe leader
Massai Tribe Leader giving information about the tribe
Wildebeest Migration
Wildebeest Migration

Safari Trip Summary Continued:

Day 3: We visited and camped at a luxury tented camp site: Ang'ata Camp. We saw a pride of lions, many herds of elephants, African buffalo, zebra, giraffes, and lively troops of baboons. We also saw a ton of birds species, like the red-billed hornbill, shrike, white-headed buffalo weaver, king fisher and ground hornbill.

Day 4: After breakfast we drove to Ngorongoro Crater. Here we saw a pride of lion mating for a while, a bunch of zebras, wildebeest and elephants. We also saw black rhinos in the crater.

Day 5: We stayed over at the same luxury tented camp in Ngorongoro.

Trip summary continued below.

lion next to jeep
Lion next to jeep
Lunch in the Serengeti
Lunch in the Serengeti
Elephants in Ngorngoro Crater
Elephants in Ngorngoro Crater - Unbelievable sight!
female elephant near jeep
Female elephant near jeep
Beautiful Hotel at safari
Beautiful Hotel where our clients stayed during our safari

Safari Trip Summary Continued:

Day: 6,7 8: We drove to Serengeti National Park and camped for 3 days here at Angata camp again. We saw the great migration of wildebeest, a ton of lions, gazelles, impala, a cheetah and 2 leopards. We also saw and witnessed a single female lion hunt and kill a thomson gazelle.

Day 9: Our clients stayed in at a five-star hotel at Acacia Lodge in Manyara.

Day 10: After breakfast, we drove back to Arusha town and stayed at Ilboru Safari Lodge again for one more night.

Day 11: After our last breakfast together, we drove our clients to town where they went shopping and had lunch together before we drove them to the airport that evening.

IT WAS AN EXCITING TRIP!! See our Mount Kilimanjaro Trek.

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