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Mount Kilimanjaro Trip 2016

Trip Summary: This photo gallery includes photos from a 2016 trip up Mount Kilimanjaro following the Lemosho Route. After spending a night in a lodge, we drove our four clients to Londorosi gate. Once on the trail, we walked through a rainforest to Forest Camp. Next on this 11 day trip, we headed to Shira1 and Shira 2 Camps. We climbed to a shira plateau where we could view Mount Kilimanjaro above the clouds. Next we headed to Lava Tower, Barranco Camp, then up the Barranco wall towards Karanga Camp on an uphill path across barren rocky slopes. At Barafu Camp, everyone went to sleep early, then got up for a quick breakfast and started hiking to the summit at 12:00am. Trip summary continued below photo gallery.

Serengeti Vacationland Safari Jeep
Picking Up Our Clients
safari jeep
Our Company Jeep
Shira Camp
Shira Camp - 11,500ft.
Mount Kili Breakfast with Tour Guide
Breakfast with Tour Guide
Mount Kilimanjaro Break
Mount Kilimanjaro Break
Baranco Camp
Baranco Camp
Lemosho Route hikers having lunch
Lemosho Route Lunch
Mount Kilimanjaro Hikers
Mount Kilimanjaro Hikers
Hikers on Mount Kilimanjaro
Hikers Following Tour Guide
Karanga Camp
Karanga Camp - 13,000ft.
Mountain Hardwear Tents
Mountain Hardwear Tents
Mount Kilimanjaro Tents
Tents at Barafu Camp - 15,000ft.
Mount Kilimanjaro Summit
Mount Kilimanjaro Summit
hikers jumping for joy
Hikers Jumping for Joy
Mount Kilimanjaro Descent
Mount Kilimanjaro Descent
hikers receiving Mount Kilimanjaro certificates
Hikers Receiving Certificates
Kilimanajro National Park
Kilimanjaro National Park

Trip Summary Continued: At the summit, we took photos and celebrated the accomplishments of the hikers before heading back to Barafu Camp for lunch and down a long trail. Descent from the summit to Mweka camp is steep, so we used trekking poles. After breakfast we descended through the rainforest to the Mweka Gate. Each climbers was awarded a climbing certificate and given time to say goodbye to the guides, porters and cooks. (All the meals on this Mount Kilimanjaro trip were prepared by our own cooks. We provided nutrient-rich, high-energy foods and offered fresh fruits and vegetables with every meal.)

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