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One of the highlights of my life was successfull climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with Allan Stephen. Allan was our lead guide at the time and did an amazing job ensuring everyone on our climb had a safe and enjoyable trip. His experience and knowledge of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and the local flora and fauna was such a pleasure. He even made a point of teaching most of us some basic Swahili during our climb. I plan to go back to Tanzania with my wife next year and will definitely book with Allan.

Jim Blaisdell

Allan and his team from "Serengeti Vacationland Safaris & Kilimanjaro Treks" were great. They were very hands-on and transparent through the whole trip from initial planning to checking in on us each day on the mountain (Mount Kilimanjaro). I went with two friends and we could tell the difference compared to other groups. The guides and porters were great to hang out with and they were there for us every step of the way.

Stan Sater
Tulane University Law School '19
(photo gallery from this 2016 trip)

My sister and I climbed Kilimanjaro in 2006. All of the guides and assistants on our trek were fantastic. Not only were they all skilled and knowledgeable, but they were all wonderful individuals who added so much to our general enjoyment of the event.

Over the years I have been happy to stay in touch with Allan Njamakuya as he completed his education in the U.S. and I am excited to see him start his own tour company. I look forward to the opportunity to return to Tanzania and tour with him again.

Suzanne Teshera
Driftwood, Texas, USA

I hiked Kilimanjaro in July of 2005 with some hiking buddies. We all had a wonderful time and were extremely satisfied with the entire team, the guides, porters, cooks, and camp crew. We hiked a 6-day trek on Umbwe Route and a Safari in the Serengeti for 3 days and we always felt safe and comfortable. It was so much fun and the food was great !!!

We wouldn't have made it without Allan Njamakuya's assistance from beginning to end. Allan had such a strong desire to go to college that I decided to invite him to my home in the U.S. and help him achieve his goals. He lived with us for 8 wonderful years and it was so exciting to see Allan graduate from college with a degree in Travel and Tourism. I'm now very happy to see him running his own African Safari and Mt. Kilimanjaro Treks touring company.

Maria Brown
New Hampshire, USA

When Allan Njamakuya worked for Thomson Safaris, he was part of my large climbing group that summited Mount Kilimanjaro. His pleasant demeanor and vast knowledge of mountain trekking made him indispensable to the success of our climb. Any future climber would be quite fortunate to have Allan along for the trip.

Rich Coote
Virginia, USA

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Allan and his team look forward to guiding you and sharing their vast knowledge of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. In addition, they can point you in the right direction to help you personalize your vacation.

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